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Date: Sunday, may 27th 2018 Hour: 9:00am

The event is a light walk with a 2 km loop. It's not a sports walk, it's accessible to all. Thereafter, will be held "The flight of butterflies". 500 butterflies will fly at the same time, in honor of people with Alzheimer's disease. To reserve your butterfly, contact us at 450-347-5500.
Event Location:
Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu / Parc Beaulieu, QC (corner of Saint-Denis & Labrèche streets)
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Map of the walk

Contact: Robert Larue & Ryna St-Pierre

Phone: (450) 347-5500

e-mail: partenariats@sahr.ca or info@sahr.ca

Honorary President of the March:

M. Luc Bazinet, General manager of Caisse Desjardins of Haut-Richelieu

Honorary Presidents of the Business Challenge:

   Co-president entreprises.jpg
Sébastien Dion, general manager of "la Ferme Guyon", Louise Paquette & Lyne Germain, co-owners of Uniprix pharmacy, Mario Héroux, président of Sports Experts at Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Mario Raymond, real estate broker at Royal-Lepage Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu

Honorary Co-Presidents of the "Défi-des-Maires":

co-president maires.jpg
M. Réal Ryan, RCM of Haut-Richelieu
RCM of Haut-Richelieu
Mayor of Noyan

M. Jacques Ladouceur
RCM of Rouville
Mayor of Richelieu

M. Paul Viau
RCM Jardins-de-Napierville
Mayor of Canton Hemmingford

Honorary Co-Presidents of the Youth Challenge:

co-presidente jeunesse.jpg

Andrée Bouchard, President of the CSDHR and Claudine Caron-Lavigueur, Commissioner at the CSDGS.

 The spokesperson of the SAHR:

Mr. Jacques Boulerice, writer and poet and Ms. Jennifer Young, nurse.

Previous event pictures:

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The sponsors are confirmed as and when they confirm their participation. This page will be updated regularly. Last updated: January 22, 2018.

The presenter of the Walk for Alzheimer's:

Our solidarity visionaries:

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Our light carriers:

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Our precious allies:

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Our dedicated helpers:


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Our devoted helpers:

Bijouterie Jean Langevin              Maison Clara

Chapiteau Summum                     Pharmacie Jérémie Dufour

Équipements Guillet                      Pharmacie Pearl Bouchard

Librairie Moderne                          Pharmacie Martine Clouâtre

LKQ Keystone                               Résidence Haut-Richelieu

Our Partners:

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Gift certificate, courtesy of our provincial sponsor:

HCLQ_GVV_fr.jpg www.hotelchateaulaurier.com